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As a pioneer in the field of household waste treatment by means of anaerobic digestion in the 80s, Valorga International performed a development all over the world resulting in 19 methanization treatment plants today representing treatment-capacities in a range from 10 000 to 300 000 tons per year.

Until 2007, about 2 000 000 tons of waste have been treated in Valorga plants, by this, Valorga confirms its world-wide leadership in the field of anaerobic waste treatment.VALORGA INTERNATIONAL, subsidiary of URBASER SA and integrated since 2005 within Urbaser Environnement SAS, is specialized in the conception, build-up and start-up of installations of biological waste treatment for municipalities and industry. Thanks to the feed-back received from our industrial-scale references since 1988, Valorga International also insures the knowledge transfer and acquisition of the know-how required from public or private operators of Valorga installations as well as support in operating assistance, advice or expertise. Those activities allows us to multiply the synergies.

Represented in France by his subsidiary Urbaser Environnement, URBASER, subsidiary of the Spanish group ACS, itself shareholder of the group DRAGADOS, became the Spanish major actor in the field of the urban waste services for municipalities and industry (waste collection, cleaning, build-up and operating).

URBASER counts 27 000 employees with an annual 1 200 million euros turnover and 2 billion euros of current orders today.

Valorga's offices in Montpellier