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Valorga International SAS develops an activity of design- construction of Municipal Solid Waste treatment plants including the anaerobic digestion of the organic matter.

We also ensure the transfer of knowledge and the acquisition of know-how for the owners of our installations as well as an action of advise, audit and expertise. Bringing together these activities enables us to multiply synergies effectively.

The Valorga International approach as technologist of the anaerobic digestion consists in bringing a relevant solution in the following four domains of application:

the methanization of the biowaste resulting from a source-sorted collection generating an organic high-quality compost,

the treatment of the organic fraction issued from household waste generating a compost which can be marketed in agriculture,

the biological stabilisation of residual household waste, generating a stabilized product for landfills,

The co-digestion of sewage sludge, oils, vegetable fats or any other organic substrates with the organic fraction from MSW.

Valorga International has developed an single know-how in the Municipal Solid Waste anaerobic digestion field stemming from its great industrial experience. At this date, our plants have treated more than 2 millions tons MSW with the Valorga technology.
This know-how and this expertise are applied by our design, construction and start-up teams which are settled in Montpellier (France) since more 20 years.


Valorga International is a team of technicians, multi-field process engineers, specialized in mechanics, electricity/automatisms/instrumentation, and biology, involved for more than 20 years in the conception household waste treatment plants.

This know-how allows it to realize all the basic engineering of an installation and to send its start-up teams for the training of the future operators and for starting-up the plants.


Valorga International, realizes turnkey plants as general contractor or member of a consortium of construction.

Our acquired experience in the "Management of projects" allows us to coordinate the subsuppliers and to provide all the electromechanical equipment in the respect of the time schedules and clients “requirements”.

Operating Assistance:

Thanks to industrial backgrounds since 1988, Valorga International also insures the knowledge transfer and acquisition of the know-how necessary for the public or private operators of its installations as well as a mission of operating assistance, advice or expertise.